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SHANKER FOUNDRY's products make up a small proportion of the overall cost of the foundry process but, when delivered in consultation with the Division's application Engineers, can produce significant economic benefits to customers through improved process capacity, yield and efficiency. The quality and performance of process consumables are of key importance to foundry operators. For example, the presence and correct positioning of a 25¢ filter can have a major impact on the economics of producing a $20 casting. As a result, customers seek quality and reliability from their suppliers of foundry consumables.

The performance, quality and reliability of our's product ranges, together with the input of the Division's technical staff working alongside customers' process engineers, are fundamental to the Division's reputation as a India's leading supplier of foundry consumables. Foseco Foundry's products are in the main single use, as they are either consumed or transformed during contact with the molten metal during casting. In a typical foundry process the our products may be used in the melting shop, core shop, moulding line and pouring.

Using our;s chemical binders and refractory 'paints', the customer foundries prepare the sand moulds and cores, that determines the precision and surface finish of the final casting. As a liquid alloy is transferred from the melting furnace it may be in contact with Foseco molten metal transfer products, such as insulting ladle linings, and is modified as a metal treatment equipment and additives.

A Foseco ceramic filter may be used within the mould to remove impurities and reduce turbulence during pouring, thereby reducing scrap and improving the mechanical properties of the finished casting. Foseco feeding aids are also important in the reduction of material waste and improvement of casting quality: Our exothermic feeding aids may be employed in the mould to provide secondary heat sources that can control cooling, minimising the adverse effects of shrinkage during solidification, helping to optimise the yield and the quality of the finished casting.
Company Profile
Basic Information
Business Type
  • Trader / Distributors
Ownership & Capital
Year of Establishment 1990
Ownership Type Limited Liability/Corporation (Privately Held)
Trade & Market
Major Markets * Indian Subcontinent
Team & Staff
Total Number of Employees Upto 15 People
Packaging/Payment and Shipment Details Profile
Payment Mode Cheque / DD
Product Portfolio
We offer qualitative range of products such as Crucibles, Foseco Foundry Fluxes and Chemicals, Mines and Minerals and Alloys and high premiere Dycotes and high pressure Dycotes. We also provide services for (Installation of Crucibles, Trial of Chemicals, Inspection and Surveys, Settlement of Complaints and Sampling). We have well equipped sophisticated equipments to meet the requirements of the clients within the specified time period. Our extensive range of products includes :
  • Morganite Crucibles (AC Shape Silicon Carbide Crucibles, BC Shape Silicon Carbide Crucible, TPC Shape Silicon Carbide Crucibles
  • Sigma Clay Graphite Crucibles
  • Foseco Foundry Fluxes and Chemicals(Dycotes, Sleeves, Cover fluxes, Degasers, Filters)
  • Chem-Trend Chemicals (Chem-Trend Chemical, High Pressure Dycotes)
  • Quacker Houghton Chemicals (High Pressure Dycotes, Plunger Lubes & Cutting Oils)
  • Air Emulsion Spray Gun(High Pressure Die Casting Spraygun)
  • Alloys(Ferrous, Non-Ferrous)
  • Mines and Minerals(Graphite Powders, Perlite Ore, Metcoke)
  • Services(Installation & Inspection)
Our Infrastructure Facilities
Our infrastructure is properly distributed into various units and are handled by our expert professionals having years of experience in this field. With the latest equipments and the right technical know how we bring our products unmatched quality that are clients are in need of. Our employees are highly qualified and talented and because of them we ensure smooth running of the unit with no interruptions. The greatest assets of our company are the skilled workmen support, production methods and latest technology machinery.
In order to maintain the high quality standards, we have appointed quality analysts who have the experience of improvising the quality of our range of products. We follow hard ethical policies which results in unmatchable products of high quality. Our organization have advanced testing facilities, continous in house R & D initiative, superior products and services and technical expertise. Our products matches international standards and offer solutions. Our quality inspectors thoroughly check and certify the raw materials. We conduct several tests to ensure that the products are error free.
Key Strengths
SHANKER FOUNDRY's key strengths, which have contributed to its success to date, include:
  • Global leadership in the supply of foundry consumables.
  • Global reach, with highly trained sales and technical staff in almost every
  • significant industrial economy in the world, which provides SHANKER FOUNDRY with a key competitive advantage.
  • A well recognised and established brand built on over 21 years of history
  • And patent protected technologies.
  • A close partnership with customers to optimise the application in which products are used.
  • The combination of effective products and high levels of technical service is key to the SHANKER FOUNDRY brand strength.
  • The commitment to product development which has enabled SHANKER FOUNDRY to be a leading innovator and to maintain its competitive advantage.
  • The diverse customer bases of SHANKER FOUNDRY: we supply over 5,00 customers serving a broad range of end-user sectors including automotive, railway and heavy transport, construction and heavy machinery and general engineering, across the world.
  • The Division's strong, well regarded management team, which has extensive experience in the industry.
World Wide Locations
SHANKER FOUNDRY (INDIA) PVT. LTD. is a global operation with a presence is major countries with major facillities in the primary foundry markets in northern region.
What You Need
Your operation is different from any other. The products you manufacture may be equally unique. Recognizing and responding to those differences is, what makes Chemical superior. And our ability to adapt even as your operation changes to meet new demands — assures you of getting not just the custom products, but also the custom technical service and delivery you need.

Our leadership in advanced engineering and development has resulted in products like Safety-Lube, the industry's die lubricant standard. And our full line Of conventional, pellet and powdered plunger lubricants prove casting integrity, improve efficiency and reduce system downtime.